BRX Accreditation

What is BRX Accreditation?

BRX Accreditation is a web-based program that assists rental property Owners to provide an overall better experience for Guests. Our program ensures that each accredited property complies with the local regulations and legal requirements in each specific market.

The BRX Accreditation program will also lead Owners through a series of questions & answers to determine if they are following industry best practices for rental properties. Throughout the process additional documentation may be required for verification of compliance.


Regulations continually change at all levels of government and it may be difficult to keep track to ensure compliance:

  • Rental property owners need to continuously comply with regulations to stay in business and avoid fines
  • Guests have no way to know if the property is legit or if the rental will meet their expectations simply based on reviews from the other major booking websites
Best Practices

The overall Guest experience is paramount and our goal is to follow industry best practices in property rentals in each market:

  • To maximize revenues, we focus on the overall quality of the guest experience from booking to post stay reviews
  • To save costs, we focus on improving the efficiencies of all aspects (check-in/out, cleanings, turnovers, maintenance, and overall communications with guests)

Upon graduation of the BRX Accreditation program, a property will receive the BRX Accredited Seal:

Value to Guest: confidence that the rental property is legit and is well taken care of

Value to Owner: confidence that your investment is maximizing returns while minimizing “emergency” costs due to proper planning and awareness

Getting Started

Let’s get your property BRX Accredited with three easy steps.

Step 1:
Sign Up

Owners will first need to sign up for

a FREE Owner Membership.

Step 2:
Claim Your Property

Owners will need to claim property by providing address and proof of ownership. Upon verification, Owners will be able to manage additional property details.

Step 3:

Owners may enroll in the BRX Accreditation program according to their respective market.

How does it work?

The BRX Accreditation program will take the Owner though a series of sections for each property.


Owners will provide documents that will verify that the property meets the minimum regulation requirements

Questions and Answers

Owners answer a series of questions that will determine what is needed to improve their property to industry best standards


Owners will receive a professional Home Inspection that will determine deficiencies

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