Hawaii: Owner Accreditation

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Owner Accreditation is dedicated to property owners. If you plan to rent or are currently renting your place, its a good idea to make sure you are doing it legally and using the best practices to maximize on your investment.

Contrary to what many people may think, there are many regulations that property owners must comply with if they want to rent out a property

  • Rental property owners need to comply with regulations before they can rent their property
  • Renters have no way to know if the property they are renting meets the local legal regulations or will be up to their expectations

Solution: BRX Accreditation

  • To help Rental Owners comply with regulations and meet best standards to provide the best rental experience for their guests
  • To attract and educate Rental Owners on the benefits of property accreditation to increase the occupancy and prices for their accredited properties
  • To promote each of your properties with the BRX Accreditation Seal
  • To list each of your properties at